Screen shots from Volume 5 of the Price of Paradise

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February 26th full eclipse of the sun, Mars, and Venus visable in dark sky.

Ferry arriving at new jetty in Little Bay.

View looking east over new homes at Lookout.

St. Patricks and White River from 1 mile offshore.

New spine on dome within Oct. 22nd scar. Roaches Mountain in foreground.

Looking up from Trials at plume from rockfall down Galways side.

Bethany Pentecostal Church inWapping.

Clear view of dome from Dagenham. Roof of hospital is seen at left center.

Looking down George Street past St. Patricks Catholic Church.

Shot from front door of church that looks much like a latter day Pompeii.

Up George Street to mountain with Dyer's store on the right.

Post office and War Memorial with Soufriere in background.

Sun setting over a deserted Plymouth.

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