The Price Of Paradise
Eight Volume DVD Disc Set which includes the Magic Of Montserrat
Complete video journal containing all 8 original pre-released volumes plus the Magic Of Montserrat bonus DVD (16 hours)

On July 18th of 1995, Montserrat’s sleeping volcano rumbled back to life after hundreds of years of dormancy. Over the next 8 years David Lea’s “Price of Paradise” video series (in First  Edition volumes) kept the Montserrat community, at home and abroad, and many other interested people around the world, informed of the incredible events that took place during those harrowing, volcanic days. In 2003, Lea’s Living Letters Productions released the first compilation DVD of the entire series called, “Memories of Montserrat”.

Now LLP has released all eight original volumes in a DVD format that transports the viewer through a fifteen hour “video journal” of an unfolding disaster. The story begins with the first steam vents in the Tar River Valley in 1995 and then takes you through the incredible explosions of 1997 and the deaths of 19 islanders. Evacuations, dome collapses, ash falls and blackouts make for an unforgettable story. The additional bonus DVD chronicles the magic that makes Montserrat such a special place. This is a must-see for anyone with a heart for Montserrat, a wonderful buffet of vivid memories. It’s not only an incredible record for us today, but also a lasting historical document for the generations to come.

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