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PLYMOUTH MONTSERRAT: "The Latter Day Pompeii" - DVD
The story of the life and death of the Emerald City
- Comprehensive Compilation (120 minutes)
THE PRICE OF PARADISE: Eight Volumes plus "Magic" feature - DVD (8 Discs)
Complete video journal containing all 8 original pre-released volumes
plus the "Magic Of Montserrat" bonus DVD (16 hours)
THE PRICE OF PARADISE: "Memories Of Montserrat" - DVD
The story of the eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano
- Comprehensive Compilation (135 minutes)
VOLCANO ISLAND: Explains geography, geology and earth science - DVD
Educational film for younger school students
with Professor Steve Sparks (25 minutes)
MONTSERRAT'S ANDESITE VOLCANO: A Video Field Investigation - DVD (2 Discs)
Scientific film featuring Professor Steve Sparks | Available in seven languages
- Four language translations per unit [SEE BELOW] (52 minutes)
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