Volcano Stock Footage

Living Letters Productions has documented the entire eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano in Montserrat. If you represent a production company, we can send you time-coded copies of the best of over 300 hours of archive footage.

Tape 1 covers the images from the start of the eruption in 1995, including the first steam vents, phreatic eruptions, evacuations and the beginnings of dome building.

Tape 2 covers 1997 to 2005, with all the massive eruptions, pyroclastic flows, narrow escapes, mudflows, (lahars), the buried capital city of Plymouth and the rebuilding of the north of the island.

Our images have been used in over fifty programs broadcast around the world on the Discovery Channel, TLC, Nova, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, National Geographic Channel, the Travel Channel, BBC, Channel Four and stations in Japan, France, Germany and other countries around the world. Some of the, “danger zone”, segments have aired on Maximum Exposure, Real Video and Worlds Most Amazing Videos.

Our own productions are the nine-volume Price of Paradise video series that has now been compiled into the DVD “Memories of Montserrat” and the educational DVDs titled, “Montserrat’s Andesite Volcano” and the children’s DVD, “Volcano Island”.

For information on using our images in your film, please contact us at: Lead@candw.ms

We also offer production assistance, edit facilities, specialized tours, transportation rentals etc. and have worked with film crews from all over the world. The most interesting being five years of effort on the Graphic Films IMAX production, “Forces of Nature”, now showing in theaters worldwide.

The accommodations on our property at Gingerbread Hill are perfect for film crews in a secluded, safe and beautiful setting on three acres. You can check this out at: www.volcano-island.com

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