Price Of Paradise Volume 4 Screen Shots

View from over Harris of Mosquito and Tuitts Ghauts with Tar River area in the distance. An ash covered Gages Mountain sits to the right of the dome. The area covered in the surge of June 25th can be seen in lower Harris village.

Eruption of August 6th from Flemings. Pyroclastic flows can be seen going down Mosquito and Gages Ghauts. The Hollender estate is in the foreground.

Ariel view from offshore, showing the damage along Ft. Ghaut on August 6th. The flows are covering more area each day.

Ariel view of upper Dagenham showing new hospital just right of center.

Mr. Paul Payne showing rocks that he picked up at Woodsville Condominiums. At the Vue Poite hotel they were the size of quarters. At the MVO they were marble size. In St. Peters an inch of gravel fell over a forty minute period.

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